Another month, another round up of everything that I’ve been obsessing over.

October is always an exciting month for me because of Halloween. I love to get into the Halloween spirit all month long. In case you missed my Halloween Costume round up check out:
And let me know your favorite! Lana del Taco? Glitter hair Barbie? Tonight Show “EW”?I always love to see what everyone is liking the most.

Its just like me to continue on about Halloween when we are already a week into November. Lets discuss the stand out products from OCTOBER!




Colourpop has been suprising me with their eyeshadow palettes lately. First the Fem Rosa and now the Yes, Please palette. These eyeshadows have been my constant. I’ve been using at least one shadow from here daily since I purchased it last month. I love to wear a lot of these types of tones featured in this outfit and I think this palette is the perfect complement. I love to finish off with a lil highlight for added gleam and again Colourpop brought the fire. Off Tropic is one of their Super Shock Highlighters and it makes you beam brighter than the sun. Applied softly in c-formation from the cheek bone up around the temple and swiped across you cupid’s bow, it gives just the right amount of dew.


Curology was my most favorite thing this month. Don’t we all just want a glowy, radiant, and clear complexion. I think this is my ticket to getting my skin back. I’m super pumped on this product and for the rest of my skin journey. You can find my full review here


I have been having a crush on jewlery brand, Mejuri. Delicate details, layer-able and effortless in all the right ways. They won my heart even more with the recent release of their Zodiac Collection. These have been selling out so you have to move fast. I’m Virgo for anyone who is wondering 🙂


I recently listened to “The 5 Second Rule” by Mel Robbins and it has changed my approach to how I do everything. I used to always say I have to be “in the mood” to do anything… film a video, clean, edit, workout… and of course things weren’t getting done. Sometimes we have to parent ourselves and not think about things too hard because our minds will trick us into putting them off. Just get up and do them without hesitation or waiting until we “feel” like it. I’ve been having a lot of success with this new mentality I learned this book. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a lot of goals they want to accomplish. I used to think I was a highly motivated person but this book isn’t about motivation its as simple as not pressing the snooze button. Like Mel says its simple, not easy.

I bought the Audible and I loved it. She dictates the book like you’re listening to intense advice from a friend.

If you do decide on an Audible, you can use my code http://www.audibletrial.com/pepperpout to get your first month free.

Nothing to lose and everything to gain especially with a book like this.

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