Is Curology the answer to our “too busy”/lazy/ #skincaregoals prayers.Who else is plagued with laziness when it comes to booking doctor appointments, dentist appointments, or even consultations to the dermatologist? If your anything like me, even when amazing skin is on the line, they always sit on my “to do” list with a shelf life as long as honey. I’ll save you the google search, i.e forever!

Curology has made it easy, accessible and affordable for us all. Now you can check one appointment off your list. Curology is a “made-for-you” acne skincare brand that uses prescription ingredients to treat acne and your skin in the most personal and effective way possible. Being that skincare is so personal and  ingredients that work for me might not work for you, I really love this approach. Plus, you are in contact with a medical professional so its all very legit.


First, you answer questions that will help Curology determine what your skin will need.

Then, you submit a few photos so they can examine your skin. Here is an idea of what it looks like and what I sent in.

These are screenshots of my skin pre-curology, no edits (clearly).

Before we move on, let me give you a bit of background on my skin journey. Up until 2016 I had really great skin. No huge breakouts, no scars..just a clear complexion.  2016 rolled in and I was hit with adult acne. I think I’m the real life Benjamin Button, why does my body think I’m a teenager. I’m 28!

This year the acne cleared up although I’ll still have an occasional flare up. Annoyingly enough I was left with tons of post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (PIH). Basically, lil red/brown dots everywhere. As we are now approaching the end of 2017, I gave them a chance to clear up while trying several products that lighten spots and acne scars. I even did one round of laser. I loved the laser but I couldn’t afford to keep it up ($$$$). So after almost a year of trial and errors, frustrated with still no sign of the skin I wanted I knew it was time to seek professional help.

But like I stated laziness/”too busy” would always win…

Cut to this Curology review. I was excited about Curology especially after hearing glowing reviews from my friend and skincare enthusiast Roxy. Curology reached out to me unaware that I was already looking into it and offered me a free trial. (Which P.S. you can also get a free 30-day trial just pay 4.95 for shipping)


After submitting my answers and photos, I got a message from my licensed dermatologist  and a few days later my custom prescription landed on my doorstep.

I was subscribed Tretinoin, Clindamycin and Azelaic Acid which I was excited about because being a skincare junkie I knew about the miracles Tretinoin can do for your skin. Tretinoin is a potent retinoid and you can read all about  here but basically you can’t get it outside of a prescription so I was super happy I was able to feed my skin this skincare hero without the hassle of going to a derm’s office ($$$) or a pharmacy.


Recent photos. Nov 3, 2017

Its been a full month on Curology and my PIH is definitely fading and the overall texture of my skin has improved. I’ve been strictly using my custom bottle nightly with the exception of an occasional mask and also a week where I didn’t apply it because I was constantly under the sun while vacationing in Mexico. (The ingredients in my prescription make you extra sensitive to the sun so I didn’t want to risk it.) I have to say things are looking up and I’m excited to make my way toward clear skin.

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