Some leave accessories as an after thought but I’m a firm believer that accessories can really transform an outfit. Its your chance to really bring in your personal style and also play with trends. I’ve been creating essential guides and although some of the following can be treated as an essential in their respected categories, I think in this case this is the perfect chance to continue to explore and hone your style through accessories. I’ll break down accessories for you here showing you the iconic pieces that are proper investments ( AKA they won’t lose their value) as well as a few essential pieces like what are the most practical handbags to own.

Here are a few pieces in each category that I mentioned in the video above as well as a few extras I’m currently obsessed if you wish to explore. Go ahead and Excessorize!

JEWELRYmust have accessories

Currently Obsessed:
Cartier Love Bracelet



must have accessories | Handbags
Currently Obsessed:

vegan options:



Current Obsessions:

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BELTSmust have accessories | Belts

Currently Obsessed:


Currently Obsessed:


Currently Obsessed:



Currently Obsessed:

*I mentioned Andrea Maack Fragrances in my YT video which you can shop here:
Whats your favorite accessory to incorporate into your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below.
*This post is not sponsored although some links are adlinks so I make a small commission when used. It’s up to you to use the links 🙂
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2 thoughts on “ALWAYS ACCESSORIZE”

  • Hi Amy! Hola! I’am from México (sorry about my english), the last weekend i was searching for inspiration and boom i found you, i’m so happy cause i am petite like you, I really like your style and the skincare is so much important for me! thank you for the videos!

    Cecilia Castro ;D

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