I feel like maskin’ has unofficially become my second job. You can find me on my Instagram stories clad in the unofficial uniform of a “masker”: A robe, a Glossier terry headband, and a thin layer of whatever cool texture and color is currently on my face. I love a good face mask and it’s definitely the skin care category that I’m always eager to try. I love the added benefits and sometimes instant results they yield. I’ve talked about some faves before and I’ve edited out quite a few. Although I still feel like those are all still super effective these new secret weapons are what my face is currently loving:


When my skin is in need of a total over haul my quick fix is the Complex/Beauty “The Godmother” Enzyme mask. With ingredients like pumpkin, vitamin c, glycolic acid, fruit AHAs and Meadowfoam seed oil within 10 minutes and a quick rinse you’ll notice a brighter complexion. When you first apply it you feel a slight tingle which is the glycolic acid exfoliating and the AHAs working away to help turn over those skin cells leaving you with seriously renewed skin.


If my skin is feeling rough and in need of major exfoliation, I grab Pixi Peel & Polish. This mask is perfect for the lazy girl because its not messy at all and it shouldn’t be left on for more than 2 minutes. It has lactic acid, papaya fruit extract and sugar extracts to reveal brighter looking skin. Its incredible how effective this mask is in such a short amount of time while still being extremely gentle. It washes away with ease as you massage the micro exfoliants in circular motions making it a very gratifying scrub and yields instant baby face.

Glossier Mask Duo


The backbone of my face masks that I still love and I will continue to repurchase. These babies are effective and reliable. When I really want to pamper myself and I have a bit more time I love grabbing Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack leave it on for 20 mins and follow up with Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask . This mask replenishes moisture back to the skin and it’s my savior in the winter time when I’m drier than my normally dry skin. These two in combo have been my Sunday ritual for quite sometime and you can read more about this power duo here.



Another duo that I’ve been absolutely loving to give myself a total spa treatment is the Fresh Beauty face masks. I like to start with the Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask to deep clean. Fresh uses quality ingredients so I know I’m treating my face with kindness. I love using clay masks to really power through the grime and leave my face feeling smooth and Fresh (no pun intended). What’s really cool about this mask is you can also use it as a cleanser by rubbing in with water or to spot treat if you have a problematic area where you are breaking out and your skin is searching for a bit more love. I really love using this as a full face mask and I leave it on for about 5 minutes. Although its clay and detoxifying it doesn’t leave my face tight or dry, if anything, it feels very supple. Some nights I’ll stop there but if I want extra hydration I love to follow with the Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask, which has so many amazing antioxidants. I have completely fallen in love with this mask and its one that I definitely look forward to. It has this cooling effect on the skin that lingers even after you wash it off. Your skin is left so hydrated, smooth and refreshed, aka baby skin. Its perfect morning or night but I love the way it wakes up my skin in the AM.



New to my arsenal of face masks is Saturn by Sunday Riley. It quickly became the go to mask to banish any pimples that sprouted up on my face. I had some hormonal acne recently that surfaced and Saturn handled them as quickly as they arose. It has 3 power ingredients, 10% sulfur, 4% niacinimide and 1% zinc, that really helps win the fight against acne. You can see how quickly my pimples flattened out in this video here.

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