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Walk into my room and get transported into a space of serenity and fresh cozy vibes. With pieces all around that will recall days spent trekking through a-picture-doesn’t-do-it-justice-Machu-Picchu and good times spent sprawled on the beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula. I.e trinkets, pillows, and yes even a hammock. I light candles and incense everyday which can really take you to another realm. Le Labo’s Santal 26 usually evokes the phrase “it feels like your room is out of a magazine” and definitely tests the validity that scent is everything. I swear its the sandalwood-y, musky buttery leather, rich bitch-yet sweet city girl notes (sorry describing scents is not my forte) in that bougie candle tricking you into thinking my humble sanctuary belongs in the glossiest magazine on newsstands. In short, what I’m trying to say here is that I love to create spaces that engage all the senses to put me in an overall mood. Whether it be in a dreamy, peaceful, grateful state of mind like my bedroom or a space to inspire which is what I’m getting at…

I’ve been teasing (ahem) trying to find the time to film my room tour, for you guys over on my Youtube channel which is probably theee most requested video on my channel. The reason I’ve been holding out on this highly requested room tour is I have an adjoining room that I’ve been wanting to transform into a beauty room/office that is no where near camera ready. Currently its a complete mess and has no personality whatsoever. I’ve been going back and forward with what vibe I’d like to go with in that room and never made it a priority to sit down, make a mood board and decide. Arhaus inspired me to dream up my perfect vanity and thought it was the perfect opportunity to do so. After exploring Pinterest for inspo, Google searches of the Glossier showroom and Arhaus for luxe touches, I present you with my dream vanity slash beauty room slash office.

Untitled design (1).jpgLindsey-Wixson-Dior-Magazine-Fall-2015-Editorial01.jpg5c50b13dbc4d3bdcba1336790c907772.jpgUntitled design (2).jpg

Untitled design (3).jpgUntitled design (5).jpgintroduction-to-the-skincare-curation-feature.jpgIMG_5912.jpgbathroom-editorials.jpg

I really love the running theme of gold and marble along with some ornate touches that pulls in the luxe look I wanted. By pairing it with sleek and modern lighting fixtures I pulled from Arhaus it gives it a current feel. I wanted to go with a very feminine beauty room that still felt empowering and give me those “get shit done, I can conquer anything I put my mind towards” vibes. Cheesy?Maybe. But effective?

…We shall see!

Let me know what you think of this look and feel… and I promise ROOM TOUR SOON!



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  • Wow I totally love this look! I’ve been trying to find my room style and this really helped me. Can’t wait to finish decorating my room but now I understand it’s something that takes a loooot of time. Also wanted to say that I love your YouTube channel and blog. I also started my own blog not too long ago and also have a YouTube channel and the way that you manage both of your platforms is inspiring. In love with your style and personality!

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