Lets talk about what is a wardrobe essential. Consider the following your foundation to you future dream house. Building a wardrobe in comparison to a house may seem drastic, until you understand the correlation between dressing well and the mood booster it gives you. Put on a lab coat and instantly feel like a genius. Its a real thing and its called “enclothed cognition.” Read about here. Getting dressed in the morning doesn’t have to be a try-athon of clothes flailing-in-every-direction-Clueless scenario.

Clueless wardrobe

I’m going to let you in on the building blocks that will help expedite effortless dressing. Here are 10 wardrobe staples that will always make you look timeless, chic and most importantly save you a grip of time getting dressed in the morning.


You can sport this wardrobe staple anyway you want. Under a blazer or dress, or by itself with jeans. A white t-shirt is a must-have. Here are my comfy cozy favorites.

wardrobe essential The white tee   1.Here/ /

If you can splurge the Re/Done 1960s Slim Tee is Heaven. 


This little number can be worn with practically anything. Slip it under blazers, pair it alone with jeans, or wear layered over a tee. Here are my selects:

wardrobe essential the black cami

1. Here//2. Here// 3. Here


The perfect item to pull any look together. Dress it down by pairing it with denim cutoffs and a vintage tee. Check out these faves.
wardrobe essential the blazer

1. Here//2. Here //3. Here


Every wardrobe needs a great pair. Here are the ones I’m loving.

wardrobe essential denim

1.Here// 2. Here// 3. Here



Dress these up or down… you can’t go wrong.

wardrobe essential black cigarette1.Here// 2. Here// 3. Here


Perfect for a night out (paired with a bitchy heel) or when you want to look professional. My favorite way to wear a trouser is to dress them down with sneakers.

wardrobe essential trouser

1.Here/ 2. Here / 3. Here


My most used wardrobe essential. If you want to look fresh faced, instantly. Rock one of these tucked into your favorite pair of denim.

wardrobe essential white button down

1.Here// 2. Here// 3. Here 


The little black dress is a timeless piece to include into every wardrobe. These babies take you from day to night with a simple change of shoes and accessories.

wardrobe essential the LBD

1.Here// 2.Here//3. Here


This staple can easily dress down any outfit making it the perfect wardrobe essential. Wear these styles all year round.
wardrobe essential denim jacket
1.Here// 2.Here//3. Here


To me, even more important than the LBD is the Leather Jacket. Instantly make your wardrobe cooler with these. Def. my number one wardrobe essential.
wardrobe essential leather jacket

1.Here//2. Here //3. Here

Okay so now that your wardrobe essentials are covered… let’s talk about SHOES


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6 thoughts on “BACK TO BASICS”

  • Holy moly Amy. This is perfect. I love fashion but I suck at it, and my budget is also kinda meh. This post made me realize that I can do a lot with a little money – and I also have some of those staple already in my wardrobe! And you made it look so easy and gave me such good ideas 😀 Can’t wait to watch the next videos about fashion 💙 Thanks so so much!

  • Thank you so much for this post! It’s such a comprehensive and informative yet simple approach to building a wardrobe, esp. on a budget. I’ve seen countless capsule / clothing essentials videos and this is by far my favorite! All of your pieces make sense on the day to day and leave room for individualization. I’m already eyeing up a few pieces. It’s really given me a good template to work with as I’m trying to reorganize and build my closet. Do you think you could do an essentials for shoes? I’m such a big fan of your YouTube channel and your blog…I can’t wait to see your upcoming style videos! xoxo Pearl

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