Let’s Bounce

Let’s Bounce



Wavy locks have had their moment for years now. Everyone (or maybe its just me?) covets the bouncy “effortless” hair of the Victoria’s Secret models who embody this sultry mane. We saw bigger, bouncier locks parade down the runway at shows like Christian Dior and Moschino this past season. (A/W  ’18). I’ve always favored these styles that softly frame the face and, to me, lightly pulls inspiration from the 1970s. If I could choose any era to live I would choose the 70s again and again. I tend to reach for my flat iron to do my favorite messy boho beach waves, but when I want to look a bit more polished, I love to bust out my curling wand and create this full-bodied sexy mane.

I used my Ondulé 1 inch curling wand and a brush to soften the curl for this look. You can watch the full tutorial here. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Can you bounce with me… bounce with me…

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