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“The Complete Guide for Dressing for your Body”… “How to Dress for your Body Shape”…”The Right Clothes For Your Body Type”… If you guys are tired of people telling you what looks best on you based on the shape of your body, I’m right there with you!

I titled my latest Youtube video from my Style 101 series “Best Way to Dress for Your Body Type” as an irony and mainly because if any babe that is searching this needs to hear you can wear whatever the hell you want! I did include celebrities and explain why in my video as well as in that description box. This celeb tip shouldn’t be taken too literally. I wanted to shout them out because they can be daring with their wardrobe which may give you guys some ideas and inspiration. Fashion should be fun and you’re missing out on it if you stay in your comfort zone! So experiment and fantasize.

Babes who get it…

These fashion influencers know how to dress like bawses. They exude confidence in everything that they wear. Take note (pics are linked to their IG) Am I missing anyone you love? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Fashion bloggers who get itFashion Bloggers who get it  Fashion Bloggers who get it Fashion Bloggers Who get it Bloggers who get itscreen-shot-2016-11-10-at-12-20-08-amFashion bloggers who get itFashion Bloggers who get it



I got a lil emo at the end of my Youtube vid because I HATE to see any body bashing. I’ve been there and its a dark place to be in. Stop worrying and live your life. Be grateful that your body takes all those negative comments you throw at it yet it still heals your broken bones, it battles flu and sickness and continues to keep you alive. Praise every inch of your body. Love you guys!


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