Beauty Rituals: Day + Night Skincare Routine

Beauty Rituals: Day + Night Skincare Routine

There is something so liberating about going sans makeup! I love to let my skin breathe and go au natural from time to time. Why not let your natural beauty shine, right? It feels just as nice to be fresh faced as having your face beat for the Gods! A key to embracing this no makeup look starts with taking care of our skin. I used to be a lil (okay ALOT) careless of my skin regimen BUT I’ve made it a point to take better care of my skin over this past year. I started experimenting with lots of new products and found my skin getting more radiant and glowing. I’ve even noticed when applying makeup, it just goes on a lot smoother and looks more flawless. After many trial and errors with so many products here are some of my favorites on my top shelf that are currently in rotation.

skin care routine

skin care routine

My MORNING routine include: 

  1. CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser ( I kid you not this has been continuously in my shower for the past 3 years when it was recommended to me, I cannot switch from this one! )
  2. After I wash my face, I tone it with No7 Beautiful Skin Refreshing Toner
    skin care
  3. I moisturize with Benefit’s Triple Performing Facial Emulsion. This lotion is extremely lightweight which is nice for these hot days, but i’ll probably switch it out if cold weather ever hits LA. I love how clean the scent smells.IMG_0201
  4. My last product for my morning routine is my LaserAway 50+ Moisturizing Sunscreen Laser Formula which I LOVE! I feel like I can just wear this when I don’t feel like wearing foundation because it’s also a tinted moisturizer. I also love how much SPF it has … it kinda serves as a primer too if I do go onto wear foundation. (WINS ALL AROUND!) You can find this product at LaserAway locations near youIMG_0235skin care routine

My NIGHTTIME routine includes:

  1. I always start by wiping my makeup off with Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes. Again these are always stocked at my place. If I’m being really bad and lazy I’ll just use these and fall asleep and my skin doesn’t suffer any major care routineskin care routine
  2. I wash my face with Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel I feel like since I’ve started using this product I’ve seen a difference in my skin’s texture, it feels smoother and brighter for sure, and again I just love the scent of this.
  3. I was just gifted the Clarisonic which I’ve only started using the past week I know its too early to tell, but this lil baby makes my skin feel so soft and SMOOOOTH, like new skin is coming forth. I know this is gonna be my new gem. Can’t wait to see these very promising results further down the line.
  4. After my face is nice & clean, sans makeup I use my Murad Clarifying Wipes For Blemish Prone Skin. I use this in place of a toner at night. These wipes are AMAAAZING. I love when skin products leave your face feeling tingly because I’m like “yay its working” (haha totally in my head) but this product does just that. Its like fresh mouthwash for your face (AHH!), leaving you totally refreshed and skin feeling super clean. Thats why I love using these wipes at skin care routine
  5. Lastly I moisturize with Origins Night-A-Mins. This has been my favorite night cream its moisturizing enough to really hydrate my skin which is something that I look for because I hate waking up with dry or too oily skin, and this isn’t greasy at all. I love how thick and rich it is and the citrus scent makes me feel so relaxed and ready for care routine

**Every 3-4 days I’ve been using Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx Peeling Gel. I have a small tube that I got as a gift set with my face wash and OMG I need to upgrade to the full size because I’m obsessed. It sloughs away your dead skin which you can see (like you literally see the dead skin, ew!) and when you wash it all off your skin is soo radiant!
IMG_0046                  skin care routineIMG_0278
skin care routine


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